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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether by email or in-person via curbside pick up at our wholesale bakery, here's a collection of questions frequently asked of us about our artisan sourdough English muffins:

Q: “What makes your English muffins Dam Good™?”
A: Dam Good English muffins are:

  • Made with the highest-quality, all-natural, non-GMO ingredients, like unbleached King Arthur flour, and do not contain any dough conditioners (added to bread dough to strengthen its texture and extend shelf life) or preservatives.
  • Mixed with two separate sourdough starters (levain and poolish) which, after toasting, makes Dam Good English Muffins a little crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Some customers have described them as having a texture that’s between a commercially-made English muffin and a bagel.
  • Our company slogan, ‘Every One Is Different’ which has a double meaning in that not only is each of our English muffins different (they're 'Handmade For Goodness Sake!), but that we cherish the differences between us, and embrace the diversity among us - within our own workforce, and beyond.


Q: “How did you come up with the name "Dam Good™ English Muffins?”
A: Our brand name references our proximity to The New Croton Dam, where we got our start, our goal to make Dam Good™ tasting English muffins, and to do Dam Good™ in our community, and the world at large.


Q: “What is the shelf life?”
A: Once purchased and stored at room temperature, Dam Good™ English Muffins will keep for 5-7 days. To extend the shelf-life, refrigerate for up to 7-10 days or for best results, pre-slice, and freeze for up to 6 months.


Q: “Do Dam Good™ English Muffins contain any tree nuts?”
A: No, there are no tree nuts included in any of our recipes. While our kitchen facility is not tree nut-free, none of the equipment used in the production of Dam Good™ English Muffins comes into contact with any nut products.


Q: “Do Dam Good™ English Muffins contain any dairy products?”
A: No, Dam Good™ English Muffins are griddled in a Avocado Oil. 


Q: “Are the 'Whole Wheat' and Vegan 'Multigrain' varieties made from only whole wheat flour?”
A: No, since the texture would be too dense, a 50% blend of whole wheat and unbleached white flours are used.


Q: “What is King Arthur flour?”
A: King Arthur Flour is based in Norwich, Vermont and since 1790 has produced flour that is only-grown and milled in the United States. King Arthur Flour is never-bleached and uses only the purest ingredients, free from GMOs. Read more about King Arthur Flour’s history here.


Q: “Are Dam Good™ English Muffins kosher?”
A: Although our English muffins do not contain dairy, at this time, they are not Kosher certified.


Q: “Are Dam Good™ English Muffins vegan?”
A: Our "Original White," "Multigrain," and "Cinnamon Swirl" varieties are vegan, however our "Whole Wheat" variety is not vegan because it contains honey.


*If you have a question that's not included, please email to let us know, thanks!

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Given the desperate circumstances at our southern border in Del Rio, Texas, it’s clear that Haitian asylum seekers need our help, so we are announcing that round #6 of our Bakers Against Racism virtual bake sale is now LIVE here at our online store!

Therefore, between 9/24-10/1 we’ll be donating a portion of our online sales to World Central Kitchen, who is on the ground in Del Rio, TX serving thousands of fresh meals to asylum-seeking families currently sheltering at the boarder, and to non-profit organization, Haitian Bridge Alliance.

Buy English muffins, help Haitian asylum seekers

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