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Dam Good™ English Muffins - About Us

Denise and Olivia Weale, mother-daughter co-founders of Dam Good English Muffins
Has anyone ever heard of a square-shaped English muffin made with no preservatives and REAL sourdough starter?!
Well, in our family, English muffins are a timeless staple, for any meal of the day! However it wasn't until a serendipitous encounter with a Thomas' container while I was out on a walk one day, that the universe whispered a bold message. This mundane and overlooked container symbolized the stagnant English muffin category -- an unspoken plea for reinvention
It was at this same time that I was looking to get back to my culinary roots and do something entrepreneurial with my Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wale's University.
So, as we embarked on our journey, inspired by a homemade sourdough English muffin from a friend, the mission was clear: reinvent the ordinary. The conventional English muffin, optimized by one brand (that we all know and don't love), has become a stale and neglected counterpart in our daily lives! It's there and ready when needed, but it's ALWAYS lacking creativity, excitement, freshness and flavor.
Enter, Dam Good™ English Muffins! Our vision transcends the ordinary by providing a playful and innovative take on this age-old classic. Our products offer a boldy delicious square-shaped twist to give you more square footage for all of your delicious creations! They're made with a gut-healthy sourdough base, avocado oil, and clean plant-based ingredients, breathing life back into this sleepy category! Plus, they're sold in the frozen section to maintain ultimate freshness! 
Our sourdough Dam Good™ English muffins are crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside and full of that amazing peek and valley texture that makes and English muffin so iconic. In addition, they're hearty and versatile, making them the perfect vehicle for any meal of the day!
We hope you enjoy them you're favorite way.
Happy toasting,
Denise and Olivia Weale (mother daughter co-founders)

About Dam Good™ English Muffins:

Dam Good™ English Muffins is a woman-owned, family-operated, mission-driven wholesale bakery that makes 4 varieties of fermented, preservative-free, plant-based, non-GMO, seed-oil free sourdough English muffins: “Original White,” “Multigrain,” “Cinnamon Swirl,” and “Whole Wheat.”

We started with a New York State home processing license, and have since moved our business to our facility in Peekskill, NY.

Our brand name:

Our brand name references our proximity to The New Croton Dam, located in Cortlandt, NY, nearby where we got our start, our goal to Dam Good™ and to make Dam Good™ tasting English muffins.

Why Dam Good™ English Muffins is unique:

We started this business in the hope that we would be able to make a difference in our community by creating a good product, providing jobs for people, and teaching them a marketable skill that they can take with them. As an organization, we are inspired by, and look up to Greyston Bakery in Yonkers, NY. We’ve adopted their Open Hiring model to provide an opportunity to people who have barriers to employment. This type of hiring has been used at Greyston Bakery since its inception and has been very successful. By filling jobs without judging applicants or doing background checks, Open Hiring creates opportunities for individuals who have been excluded from the mainstream workforce--while at the same time providing people with the opportunity to experience the dignity of work, and improve their lives in their communities. Our social focus is key to our compassionate Human Resources approach, and ‘griddled’ into our company’s DNA.

Further, we are continuously working to enhance our company culture as our workforce is the core of what we do, and how we do it. To show our appreciation for our employees, we celebrate birthdays, non denominational holidays, host team bonding events such as dumpling making, bowling night, and have after work activities such as yoga instruction.

Additionally, we feel a strong responsibility to do what we can to do Dam Good™ for our Peekskill community, and the world at large. We therefore donate our English muffins on a weekly basis to our neighbors at Fred's Pantry via Caring for the Hungry and Homeless of Peekskill (CHHOP). Further, since December, 2021, when we began our partnership with the Ronald McDonald House of the Hudson Valley, we’ve been stocking their pantry with English muffins for their guests to toast up and enjoy. 

Lastly, our company slogan, "Every One Is Different"  has a double meaning in that not only is each of our English muffins different, but that we cherish the differences between us, and embrace the diversity among us - within our own workforce, and beyond.
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For AMERICAN HEART MONTH (February), 10% of all sales from our "Original White" variety will be donated to the American Heart Association

As a mother daughter duo in business who both suffer from severe heart conditions, we were inclined to activate this fundraiser to Do Dam Good™ not only by donating money, but also by raising awareness about women's cardiovascular issues through sharing our stories. - Denise (owner) and Olivia Weale (operations manager)

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