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Munchies' Crunchy Curried Coconut Egg Salad Recipe

Olivia’s (our Operations Manager) childhood friend, Maya, brought a bag of our Dam Good™ English Muffins to her friends' family, as a thank you gift for letting her stay over at their house for a couple of days. As the story goes, Maya’s friends' little brother, who happens to be an avid Munchies viewer, was watching the new episode, at the time, where Farideh Sadeghin (Culinary Director at Munchies) was making Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies (S1, E40) and when he was 45 seconds in, he saw a bag of our sourdough ‘Original White’ Dam Good™ English Muffins in her freezer!

As a new fan of our Dam Good™ English Muffin, and a forever Munchies junkie, he was so excited to share this coincidence with Maya, who then shared it with me!

While Olivia loves Munchies contributor, Action Bronson, and often finds herself getting lost watching his food adventures around NYC, however, she was not aware of Farideh’s show at the time - but since has been frequenting Farideh’s channel, and has been loving it. Some of her favorite episodes thus far, are ‘How-To Cook Action Bronsons’ Beef Tongue Nachos’ and ‘Make Guy Fieri’s Quick BBQ Brisket - How To’, as she is also a huge fan of Guy.

We are so grateful that Maya shared this story with Olivia, as it gave her the opportunity to reach out to Farideh, and connect with her to share this story. After doing so, she thanked Olivia for sharing the story, and for following along with Munchies, and sent a link to a recipe that she used our English muffins in, on the Munchies Web site - ‘Crunchy Curried Coconut Egg Salad Recipe’ on an ‘Original White’ Dam Good™ English Muffin!

After seeing our Dam Good™ English Muffins featured in Farideh’s recipe on Munchies, it only seemed right for Olivia to try it out for herself. Pictured below is Farideh's version (left) Vs. our version (right): 

Pictured on the left: Farideh's Crunchy Curried Coconut Egg Salad Sandwich on a Dam Good™ English Muffin; Pictured on the right: Dam Good™ English Muffins Crunchy Curried Coconut Egg Salad Sandwich

Since, Olivia has been really enjoying experimenting with more of Farideh’s recipes - she recently also made her 'Lemongrass, Ginger, and Turmeric Salmon Burgers' on a ‘Whole Wheat’ Dam Good™ English Muffin, pictured below - they were delicious, and super simple to make! 

Next, she is going to try out her ‘Crispy Sesame Chicken Sandwich Recipe’ on a 
sourdough 'Multigrain' Dam Good™ English Muffin, so stay tuned!

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