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Strawberry Jam from Eleanor's Best

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One 8oz. jar of Eleanor's Best Artisanal Strawberry Jam, from Mercurio Farms, Garrison, New York

  • "Eleanor's Best's version of this pantry staple explodes with flavor. This jam exceeds your sense memories of what awesome strawberry jam SHOULD taste like."

Per their website, "Eleanor's Best is a Hudson Valley farm food company, located right across the Hudson River from West Point. We use the freshest ingredients to make jams and marmalade the way our grandmothers and great grandmothers made it -- slow stirred in small batches. It's the intense real deal of goodness.

Three generations of women make all of our products the old fashioned way -- by hand. We clean, cut, measure, mix, stir, ladle, water bath, and label with our own hands. We do not co-pack. In a world of fast foods, we believe in slow authentic production. We also produce everything in small batches on our farm in our Jammery to control quality. That's simply how we roll.

Eleanor's Best believes in products being locally made and sourced, when possible. We deliberately buy fruit and vegetables from family owned orchards and farms, including our own -- Mercurio Farms. We also make and use some of our own pectin, using our farm's apples. All of our pectin is GMO-free and fruit -- not grain -- based."


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