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Hudson Valley Breakfast Box

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Hudson Valley Breakfast Box Gift Box
Hudson Valley Breakfast Box Gift Box
Hudson Valley Breakfast Box Gift Box

We've collaborated with two fellow women-owned, Hudson Valley, New York-based brands; Eleanor’s Best, of Garrison, NY and Big Bang Coffee Roasters, of Peekskill, NY, and are proud to introduce our new Hudson Valley Breakfast Box!

Our Breakfast Box includes a delicious line-up of high-quality, vegan breakfast items, to help you, your family, or friends, start the day the Dam Good™ way! 

Here's what's inside the Hudson Valley Breakfast Box:

  • One bag of vegan sourdough 'Original White' Dam Good™ English Muffins,
  • One bag of vegan sourdough 'Multigrain' Dam Good™ English Muffins,
  • One 8oz. jar of Eleanor's Best Strawberry Jam, from Mercurio Farms
  • One 12oz. bag of Big Bang Coffee Roaster's ground 'SuperNova Breakfast Blend.'

Per their Web site, "Eleanor's Best is a Hudson Valley farm food company, located right across the Hudson River from West Point. We use the freshest ingredients to make jams and marmalade the way our grandmothers and great grandmothers made it -- slow stirred in small batches. It's the intense real deal of goodness.

Three generations of women make all of our products the old fashioned way -- by hand. We clean, cut, measure, mix, stir, ladle, water bath, and label with our own hands. We do not co-pack. In a world of fast foods, we believe in slow authentic production. We also produce everything in small batches on our farm in our Jammery to control quality. That's simply how we roll.

Eleanor's Best believes in products being locally made and sourced, when possible. We deliberately buy fruit and vegetables from family owned orchards and farms, including our own -- Mercurio Farms. We also make and use some of our own pectin, using our farm's apples. All of our pectin is GMO-free and fruit -- not grain -- based."

“Once she had mastered how to make the best cup of coffee, Big Bang Coffee Roasters’ founder Elina Dart dropped everything and moved to a Hawaiian coffee farm. She immersed herself in learning everything she could about what makes for a fantastic coffee bean, and even participated in the organization of the Best of Kona coffee competitions. Upon her return, Elina spent two years roasting coffee in her garage. Only then, after over a decade in the coffee industry, did she open Big Bang Coffee Roasters. Big Bang Coffee Roasters buys only the freshest of fair trade beans from reputable, organic growers. Beans are purchased seasonally by region to ensure peak freshness and minimal environmental impact.”

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