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Smoked Salmon Spread Recipe


For National Toast Day, I (Olivia, operations manager) finally got my hands on Fishwife's "Smoky Trio," after ordering online from their website.

So, I toasted up a vegan sourdough "Multigrain" English muffin and made Daniel Benhaim's "Smoked Salmon Spread" recipe!

Before adding the ingredients to the spread mixture, I tried the salmon on its own, and it was SO Dam Good. It tasted very fresh, and made me feel good knowing that it was sustainably farmed. Not to mention the recipe, which was also ridiculously tasty.

I highly recommend giving Fishwife AND this recipe a try.

Happy toasting,
Olivia 💕

P.S. Fishwife is also Female Founded!


  • Smoked salmon (2 cans) 186 g
  • Fermented garlic scape 3g
  • Fresh chili 2g
  • Crème Fraiche 88g
  • Mayonnaise 69g
  • Chive 10g
  • Dill 12g
  • Lemon zest 2g
  • Lemon juice 12g
  • Espelette pepper 2g 
  • Salt to taste


  1. Fold all ingredients together until well incorporated, mixture will be a bit loose, refrigerate for an hour to thicken." 

For the original recipe, click here

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